The Goring Garden

A secret oasis in London

Those seeking harmony and botanical beauty need look no further than The Goring Garden, our exquisite floral oasis is perfect for retreating from the hubbub of London.

The Goring Garden is one of the finest - and largest - private gardens in London. Harmonising the refreshing tranquillity of open green space with the intimacy of a secret garden; pristinely snow-topped in winter and delicately scented during the warmer months, The Goring Garden is a simply delightful secret haven. Many of the bedrooms and suites look out over the manicured grass and guests are encouraged to relax with a good book and a cup of tea or to sip something cool in the summer sun.

For a unique event the largest of our private dining rooms – the aptly named Garden Room – joins seamlessly with the outdoors through an elegant glass conservatory. 

A complete redesign of the garden space in 2019 saw more than one hundred herbs planted in the garden to create home-made botanical infusions for our cocktails and to provide the freshest flavours and flowers to our food.

The Goring Garden truly is one of London’s most beautiful hidden hideaways.